About Us

What is a Co-Op

Parents are actively involved in the daily program, working with small groups of children. This participation results in lower tuition rates and a higher adult to child ratio than found in typical preschool settings. [read more…]

Program Philosophy

At WPENS we create a safe and nurturing environment where children and parents can learn and grow together. We offer a child-centered program that addresses the developmental needs of the children and provides education for the parents. [read more…]

Parent Responsibilities

You’ll be an active participant in your child’s education at WPENS. You’ll see firsthand what your child is learning. You’ll be there to witness and support developing friendships and learn ways to expand your children’s interests. You’ll model for your child how important education is because you’ll be right there in the classroom with him or her.  [read more…]


We’re lucky to have great teachers at the Westside Parent Education Nursery School.  Cory began with WPENS in 1999.  Dara has been teaching here since 2012.  [read more…]

Board of Directors

A listing of our current Board of Directors.  [view more…]