While parent education is the focus for the adult, learning through play is the work of the child. At WPENS, children freely choose from a variety of materials and play equipment depending upon their own interest, learning style, level of readiness and mood for the day. Allowed this freedom of choice, the child’s plan can be free, spontaneous, vigorous and creative.  [read more…]


We start our day with open play where children get to decide what interests them most. Shelves are full of toys to fuel the imagination. Children can choose from a variety of activities including music, science, storybooks, fantasy, dress-up – large and small motor activities. Teachers set out special art projects everyday, and parents contribute too.  [read more…]


Tuition varies depending on the number of days attending and the number of children enrolled in the program. WPENS tuition is on a sliding scale to allow you to contribute as much as you’d like.  [read more…]

Enrollment Form

Fill out and submit our enrollment form online.  [read more…]