WPENS is a play based preschool where children learn through play!

Free Choice Activities

We start our day with open play where children get to decide what interests them most. Shelves are full of toys to fuel the imagination. Children can choose from a variety of activities including music, science, storybooks, fantasy, dress-up – large and small motor activities. Teachers set out special art projects everyday, and parents contribute too.

Circle Time

After free time the children participate in large and small group circles. Circle time in preschool brings everyone together for songs, stories, rhymes, movement, puppetry and creative dramatics. Children learn how to participate in a group – developing listening skills and self-expression.

Snack Time

Circle time is followed by snack time. Parents take turns bringing nutritious snacks to give the children a healthy boost for the rest of their school day. Children, parents and teacher all gather to eat and share company. Children are encouraged to practice serving themselves with assistance from the parents.

Outside Play

Once the children are finished with their snack and help clear the tables, the room is opened up for outdoor/indoor play. WPENS has its own private yard where children can ride trikes, play in the sandbox, enjoy the water table, climb, slide, and pretend-play.

Goodbye Circle

We end the day with stories and songs in a large group circle. The goodbye circle at the end of the day helps children relax and get ready to go home. Parent workers stay after to do a quick clean-up of the room and then they meet with the teacher to discuss moments from the day or challenges that parents are facing. She also presents topics and information to expand parents’ understanding of early childhood development and positive parenting.