Preschool Program

While parent education is the focus for the adult, learning through play is the work of the child. At WPENS, children freely choose from a variety of materials and play equipment depending upon their own interest, learning style, level of readiness and mood for the day. Allowed this freedom of choice, the child’s plan can be free, spontaneous, vigorous and creative.

Hands-on learning engages children in developing their whole being allowing them to become capable and enthusiastic learners. The curriculum for children includes art, music, dramatic play, emergent literacy, science, math, social development and large & fine motor activities.

Our positive discipline philosophy teaches respectful and effective ways of promoting cooperation. The conflict resolution skills that children learn will help them in their relationships with other people in and out of school for the rest of their lives.

Preschool Classes

There are two morning classes and two afternoon classes with spots for 13 children in each. Four parents are scheduled to work in the class each day making the adult-child ratio 1:3. Preschoolers and their parents participate in our developmental program emphasizing a child’s expression, ideas, creativity and social growth. The teacher provides training in supportive parenting techniques via seminars, observation, and discussion. Positive guidance and problem-solving strategies are emphasized.

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday class is reserved for children 3.5 to 5 years old.  The Tuesday, Thursday class is reserved for children 2 to 3.5 years old. Children may be enrolled in only one class.  Toilet training is not required.

Class Hours Age
T-Th AM 8:45-11:15 2-3.5
T-Th PM 12:15-2:45 2-3.5
M-W-F AM 8:45-11:30 3.5-5
M-W-F PM 12:15-3:00 3.5-5

Toddler Program

Our sister school Santa Cruz PENS offers a toddler program. From as early as one year of age, your child will benefit from exploring an inviting classroom that’s rich with opportunities for play and discovery. Parents enjoy the chance to network with other adults, sharing the delights and challenges of parenting. Instructor, Wendy Wyckoff, brings 30 years of teaching young children and parents  – supporting the development of a harmonious and fulfilling family life.  To qualify for enrollment, your child must be 12 to 36 months old.