Parents are able to be actively involved in the daily program, working in the classroom with small groups of children. Parent participation results in lower tuition rates and a higher adult to child ratio than found in typical preschool settings.

Parent participation is the cornerstone of the WPENS program.

  • Parents are involved in every aspect of running the school.

  • This involvement enhances the quality of the program as each family shares it’s own unique talents.

  • Parents share resources, build friendships, grow a community of support, and learn to advocate for their children.

What’s your PHILOSOPHY?

Children will…

  • Discover the joy of learning through age-appropriate play

  • Develop social skills and cultivate their unique strengths

  • Acquire the building blocks of kindergarten readiness

  • Benefit from a high adult-to-child ratio

Parents will…

  • Gain confidence as they study child development

  • Practice new parenting skills such as positive discipline and conflict resolution

  • Participate in their child’s education

  • Benefit from a supportive community of parents and teachers

  • Enjoy lower tuition costs through parent involvement

Parents and children will…

  • Make new friends and become apart of an amazing community

  • Experience a sense of belonging and acceptance for who they are

  • Share joy, comfort and pride in what they can accomplish

At WPENS we create a safe and nurturing environment where children and parents can learn and grow together. We offer a child-centered program that addresses the developmental needs of the children and provides education for the parents.

At the heart of our program is respect for the children and parents that make up the co-op. We respect each child’s developmental level, individuality, ability to solve problems and make choices, and natural love of learning. We respect parents and honor the love and commitment they show as they engage in the process of raising their children.

We believe that early attention to a child’s social and emotional development lays a strong foundation for future abstract and academic learning. Young children gain important social and learning skills through play. Play provides opportunities to explore, question and create. It inspires a sense of wonder about the world. We trust that children will naturally choose the activities that will help them to learn and grow.

At WPENS we cultivate a partnership between parents and teachers where parents are able to build upon their existing strength and skills as loving and dedicated parents. Parents are encouraged to share resources and support each other. They build friendships and learn to advocate for their children.

We believe it takes a community to raise a child. The WPENS co-op is a unique community that draws its strength from its members combined efforts, talents and skills.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, your child does not need to be potty trained.

How much does it cost?

The $200 non-refundable annual registration fee is due when you join WPENS to reserve your spot in our co-op and this fee covers registration for your child as well as materials.

The annual registration fee for Parent Education and seminars is $100 (broken up into two $50 payments).

Tuition varies depending on the number of days attending and the number of children enrolled in the program. Tuition is billed monthly, due by the 20th of the month prior. It is late after the 5th of each month.

Rates effective for school year 2019-20.

Class // Hours // Age // Cost Per Month

M-W-F AM 8:45-11:30 // Ages3.5 - 5 // $260

T-Th AM 8:45-11:15 // Ages 2 - 3.5 // $180

T-Th PM 12:15-2:45 // Ages 2 - 3.5 // $180

MWF PM classes temporarily unavailable

What About SIBLINGS?

If you have a child that is younger than 2 years old you may bring that child with you on your work days. They do; however, take a certain amount of time and attention. As a result, only three families with siblings this age will be allowed to enroll in the MWF classes and four families in the T/Th classes. If the class has no more openings for families with younger children, you can either take the opening and make other arrangements for the care of your infant/toddler or pass the opening and stay on the waiting list for another opening. A sibling can no longer come on your work day after turning 2 unless enrolled.

Have More Questions? Visit WPENS!

Not sure if WPENS is right for you?  We encourage interested parents and children to visit the classroom.  You can observe the children at play, speak with the teacher, and meet some of the other parents in the co-op.  To schedule a visit email waitlist@wpens.org or call 831-429-3995.

Filling out the enrollment form online is the most efficient way to have your family placed on the wait list or to make inquiries.  If you wish to use the phone to get on the wait list, call the classroom at 831-429-3995 and leave the information noted above, speaking slowly and clearly.

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